Franklin TournamentThe Smyrna Bugs brought home another trophy, but this time for Runners-up. It was a tough, but exciting, weekend on the short fields of Franklin (150′ fence).  Several guys walked away with their first ‘over-the-fence’ homerun of their life.  It will be a weekend to always remember. 

The Bugs led off with a strong win on Thursday night with Bryce and Steven hitting their first home runs of the 2008 season.  Saturday morning was a shocking loss to a team from Jackson.  The Bugs rallied back to win on Saturday afternoon and move into the Gold bracket Sunday tournament.  Gresham and Ryan both got homeruns with their new Worth bats.   

Sunday saw a close win over the Comets with a strong defense allowing the Bugs to win.  Then, following chapel led by first base coach Pete, Bugs faced the Tennessee Ravens AGAIN for the championship.  This was the sixth time the Bugs have faced the Ravens in 2008.   It was a back-n-forth game with each team hitting the ball hard and seeing a few home runs for both sides.  Parker had two home runs in the game with one being his first GRAND SLAM.   The Bugs were jumping up and down at home plate as he came in. 

In the end the Ravens won with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the sixth;  something I hope that kid never forgets.  There are players in the majors who have spent their entire life dreaming of a hitting a walk-off homer for their team.  

The weekend will be remember because of the the Bugs total of 12 home runs over the four day tournament.  It will also stand as a reminder that ‘you can’t win them all.’    But boy was it fun to see that ball leave the park!!! Congrats to: Steven 6 HR; Gresham 2 HR; Bryce 1HR; Ryan 1 HR; Parker 2 HRs with one a Grand Slam!