So, how do we develop Small Group leaders (SGL)?  At FBC Smyrna we have a simple plan that is very much like Northpoints, but adapted to fit our lifestyle.  SGL are viewed as vital to the discipleship and community building process of our church.  They lead out to impact lives and neighborhoods.  They guide discussions on the Bible, process sermons, hold accountable those in their group, and serve along side their group in being Christ where they live.  So, the continued sharing and development of each of us is a foundational necessity as we strive to be more like Christ every day.

The development plan is A123.  

A= Apprenticing.  Each SGL is HIGHLY encouraged to have an apprentice they are pouring into so that in the next 6, 12 or 18 months they are able to step out and begin a new group.  (or take lead in current group as leader steps out to begin a new group).

1= attend at least one of the annual, church-wide training events.  Each year we bring in a dynamic SG speaker who is living out the principles of small groups to share with us new ideas and foundational practices to help us grow more.

2 = be present in at least two of the Small Group Leader Luncheons each year.  We offer 2 to 3 luncheons immediately after morning worship each year. We share the objectives of Discipleship, Community and Service hear stories related to each of these objectives from various groups.  Each Leader is encouraged to bring their apprentice or their entire group to this luncheon to help cast the vision of Small Groups.

3  = meet ‘eye-to-eye’ with your Small Group Coach each year.  This is where a SGL gets encouraged, gains advice for issues of their group and is prayed with/for concerning their own life as a Christ-follower.  The Coaches are in touch with various groups to share ideas and new learnings.  They are also the support person when SGL need someone to talk to. 

We have been practicing this development plan for about a year and are now seeing it lived out in our DNA of Small Groups. 

If you are not a SGL, maybe some of these ideas can applied to your personal life to keep you on track. ??