Smyrna Bugs Baseball had a weekend off.  We spent the time with family, playing, mowing the lawn and just relaxing.  WOW, have not had that in a while. 

While sitting around thinking about how much the boys love the game of baseball (and the parents too), I began to think about all the families that have sat where I sit today.  With a busy spring and summer tournament schedule the families miss many Sundays of worship and Bible study. 

What did the families before me do?  How did they make sure the baseball enthusiast still had time to worship, to learn about Jesus’ love for them, to discover the lessons for life and eternity that God has given us in His Word?

I have been asking parents of former tournament fanatics and discovered that chapel services were a key.   We discussed options and I was encouraged with challenge to offer more intentional chapel services at every tournament.  But in addition to chapel, here are some thoughts:  we hope to join the other teams at the tournaments who want to participate in the weekly Chapel Services.  We are working on a Small Group lessons from God’s Word that is baseball and family friendly for the ballpark.   Our Children’s Minister is designing an experience of Soul Station, (clickhere to see a sample) the children’s worship at FBC Smyrna, that can be used at the ballpark.

A parent’s of travel ball meeting is being scheduled to offer help with chapel services as well as offer opportunities for discipleship and Bible study for their families. 

What a challenge and opportunity to serve the next generation with God’s love and Word.  Will you join me in praying and searching on how best to invest in the travel ball kids?