Yea, I know I am not a Mother, but I celebrate every holiday.  🙂  As I stare at the fifth trophy in as many tournaments, The Second Annual Mother’s Day Classic BPA baseball tournament, I cannot help but feel how tired all the boys and parents are today.  Read on to understand.

We began the tournament on Friday night with a terrible loss to the Athletics of Nashville.  This was only the second loss of the season for the Smyrna Bugs. 

Saturday held two games for the Bugs.  We defeated the 2007 World Series Champs Diamond Devils of Cleveland in the early game.  But then had to play them again that afternoon only to lose to them in the first of a double elimination tournament.  But we would live to see Sunday. 

Sunday turned out to be a day full of games.  Due to our loss on Saturday we had to play an early game on Sunday.  A close win over the Brentwood Power took us to the 2:30pm game.

During the break, Pete Cobb (first base coach) led the Bugs and families in a wonderful Mother’s Day Chapel.  Chapel has become a staple in our Sunday schedule since some many families cannot attend worship of their choice due to early games. < I wonder what God has planned for the Bugs and Chapel as the season progresses?  I had two players and a parent who mentioned they missed worshipping at FBC Smyrna more and more each week.  More teams and families are noticing what we do and how we act on the field.  WOW, is that pressure or leadership >  We even had the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Granny as we closed out Chapel.

Sunday was filled with excitement and pressure as we knew one more loss would send us home, but it would take four more wins to be the champions.  We knew the teams ahead of us had all beaten us in the past and champion contenders.  The feared “Friday night team” Nashville Athletics came out hitting and took a staggering 5-0 lead in the first inning.  It was not until the third inning (we play 6 innings) that the Bugs began to hit.  With back and forth leads through the 5th, the Bugs took the lead in the sixth and held on to win.  Wow, a 15 minute break and back on the field. 

Now we faced the Devils, a team the Bugs had learned to respect the hard way.  The Bugs jumped out to a lead and held it through most of the game.  Finally big inning in the top of 6th sealed another win and on to the championship games. 

We would have to beat the undefeated Franklin Ravens twice in order be the champs.  A feat even some of the coaches wondered if at all possible due to the energy level and past experience with the Ravens.  They are a well respected and championship team throughout middle Tennessee. 

Bugs bats were unbelievable taking the first game by 8 runs.  Then we had our now normal 15 minute break and back on the field.  It was windy, cold and parents unrecognizable due to the wraps and hoods they were wearing.  The only action from the stands was voices coming out from under the hoods and scarves.  The team took the field full of excitement, not sure how they had that much energy.  The coaches stood together and strategize knowing the Ravens and umpires were ready for the day to be over.  The next hour was a tough one but the Bugs came out on top to win the second of a double header.  Nine hours of baseball later, at 7:46 pm, the Smyrna Bugs carried away the Championship Trophy and won Gift Cards for all the Mothers to celebrate with supper at Logan’s Restaurant.      


I cannot say whether the hard hitting bats or the solid defense of the Smyrna Bugs is to get the credit.  Or maybe it was the base running strategy from the coaches, third base David Moriarty and first base Pete Cobb.  Was it the five games of perfect pitching by Head Coach Chris Vondohlen?  Or could it be the book keeping organization of Suzanne Huffman that kept the Bugs from getting out of order or missing a run?  The games are on time limits, so could it have been Susan Cobb who made sure we did not lose a minute of time by helping our very tired catcher get geared up each inning?  Then there was me: the talkative, encouraging, big-eyed dugout coach who sat with the boys when they flew out; who yelled at the defense to play tight and move around; the bat boy who kept the on-deck circle clean?    

No.  I really think it was a lot of fun for all us parents, grandparents and coaches.  Maybe the most fun we have had on a Mother’s day.  But it was the 8 year olds known as the Smyrna Bugs that won five games on Sunday.  Their endurance, athletic ability, determination and love for the game that brought the Championship Trophy home.  Way to go Bugs!!!!!!!!!