I just returned from the Northpoint Church Conference, Drive ’08.  What a great experience to go with our staff and church leaders to experience how Andy Stanley and staff attract and reach people all over GA.   We got a behind the scenes look at what it takes to lead, organize and implement a strategy to share Christ with thousands of people each week. 

Andy always communicates clearly and challenges participants by his speaking and letting his staff share from their ministries and perspective.  Andy always goes above and beyond to give participants an unforgettable experience.  This year was no different.  On Tuesday night he invited us all to go to a barbeque at another church campus.  What we all thought was a cook-out and concert turned out to be a hour of Jeff Foxworthy live.  We laughed until it hurt!!!  No one makes you laugh like Foxworthy. 

On Wednesday, with the pain from laughing still lingering, we rolled into the last session on Wednesday.  Andy closing challenge will stay in my mind for a long time.  I thought you might also be challenged by his statement that I have given much thought.  “If your memories exceed your vision, the end is near.” 

WOW.  I immediately began to record what God has shown me and put before me as a vision for my life and vocation.  Here are just a few:  churches working together to reach their community by being decentralized into every neighborhood and subdivision;  Small Groups being healthy and building such community that family is the only word you can use to describe them;  Small Group Leaders trained to the level they can counsel, lead and disciple their groups and be examples of leaders who are Christ-followers at work and in their communities; be involved so deeply in the local school system that they know us to be partners in service to the community and helping the next generation; for for FBC Smynra to be know as the aroma of Christ in the middle Tennessee area. 

What about your dreams? What has God shown you that needs to be your focus today, this week and in 2008?