What a great weekend for baseball!  Well, actually all games had to be played on Sunday due to rain outs on Saturday. 

The Smyrna BUGS walked away with their fourth trophy in as many tournaments for 2008.  At the same time Stewarts Creek Middle School baseball team moved up another step in the State tournament bracket by taking both games of a double header on Sunday. 

The Bugs put on another hitting and fielding show for the fans on Sunday, playing four games in eight hours.  First game at 10am was all defense with a great hits to take the win. 

Between games, former MLB pitcher Charlie Mitchell led Chapel service for the players and families.  He had the boys laughing with his usual humor and stories from his playing days.  The challenge came from 1st Timothy about not having a spirit of fear, to encourage each other and be happy to be on a championship team no matter what position you are asked to play.  Parents and coaches had the opportunity to share with other teams about Chapel as the day progressed in hopes to multiply the opportunity teams have to worship, read God’s Word and learn about the unity that can come from team sports.

Many of the Bugs had the chance to play in different positions for game two and three.  Some of the guys who had not had many chances to play infield stepped up to the challenge.  You could see the excitement in their eyes as they awaited the next hit.  The the defense played strong and the Bugs hits continued.  Bugs walked away winners of all four games and another trophy.  

In order to soften the blow of a loss down the road, the old Dads (ole for you younger guys) tried to share about their careers and the unusual experience the Bugs are having.  But you can’t tell 8 yr old champs anything like that.  They won’t hear of it.   

While the Bugs were busy winning, the text messages were flowing in from the SCMS game that they had taken the first game.   Later, the messages began to be further apart which i would later learn was due to a low scoring game that was tied at 4 each.  Finally in extra innings game, SCMS pulled it out and move on to games this week. 

Text messages still are a pour way to watch a baseball game! But the end result was an UNDEFEATED WEEKEND for Smyrna Bugs, SCMS and the Mosley boys.