Texting is helpful and a new way to communicate, but it sure falls short of the live action.  READ ON>>

This weekend the Bugs played in the Mt. Juliet Tournament.  Saturday was a very stressful, but exciting day of baseball.  Three games with two against some very tough teams for us in the past.  The Bugs walked away as winners in each game, with one being won by a 4 run comeback in the last inning. 

Again three games had to be won for the Bugs to come out champions of the USSSA Tournament.  Two of these games would be  against the toughest teams around, again.  For Sunday, it is a one game elimination so we had our work cut out for us, again.

 I was unable to make it to Sunday’s games due to my responsibilities at church.  Sunday is our biggest day of the week for connecting people to God, Others and the World.  I was able to see four people be baptized, two new families get connected for the first time and have conversation with a new mother who just returned from Africa with her adopted baby.  BUT i never forgot about the Bugs games and the prayer and chapel service they would be having. 

To keep informed about the games we decided that i would receive text messages with scores.  What a great idea, i would not miss a single run.  I did not miss the runs.  Every time either team would score, i would get a buz and know how the game was progressing.  But for the details and play by play, bologna.   I missed everything on the field.  Texting is okay when you just need to say a word or two, but play by play cannot happen by text.  I missed all the excitement, energy, high-fives, laughter and cheers.  I missed the hugs and handshakes after the games and the prayers with the players.  You are right Coach David, I was hating missing all this! BTW, Chapel was cut short when one player said:  Coach Pete, we already prayed today.  We don’t have to pray before EVERY game, do we.  J

We won the first game with some great hits by a couple of outfielders.  The second game was more stressful with a few errors that put us behind in late innings.  We trailed going into the last inning, again.  This was the same team we came back on in Saturday’s game, so our hopes were high.  Not to be disappointed, hard hits in the gap brought in the winning run in the bottom of the last inning.  

We entered the championship game pumped!  Again we took the lead early and, for the most part, played a tough team a little tougher.  The Bugs walked away winners, again.   This is the third tournament with three championship trophies for 2008. 

Head Coach Chris said he is worried about the guys because one-day they are going to wake up and have to go to work.  I shared that I think they don’t even know we work.   

Many people are now carrying on relationships via text.  We somehow think that just getting words back and forth constitute a relationship.  Remember this story when you begin to over-use text and under-use personal time and verbal conversation with friends and family.  You may get the bottom line via text, but it does not replace the hugs and feelings that are shared only by your God-given communication ability.  We are designed to be in relationship, to fellowship with others.   Oh and did I mention that you can’t participate in a Championship Pizza party via text?