To quote a famous baseball announcer, “Holy Cow, Bugs Win!”  The Smyrna Bugs played in the Middle Tennessee NIT baseball tournament this past weekend.  Although cold and rainy, the Bugs won four out of five games.  Saturday was dramatic with diving catches in the outfield and run stopping play on the infield.  However, the bats were not hot.  So the Bugs go into the single-elimination tournament on Sunday wondering if they had it in them to win three games on the same day for the championship. 

Sunday started with a short devotional Chapel led by our first base coach.  The game quickly got underway and the Bugs showed their ability to get a quick lead and stay ahead to win 12 – 4. 

We had A short break to check out our competition for game two and then back on the field.   This game we knew would be the hardest game to win of the weekend.  A rival equal to what you see with Yankees and Red Sox, but Bugs bats were hotter than ever.  We jumped out to a lead and kept adding to it.  Not only a strong lead, but unbelievable defense stood out.  A diving catch in right field, a sliding catch in left field, and an inning ending diving stop by second baseman and flip to shortstop for the force out.  I wish you could have seen the diving catches, cut offs, and the many (what may seem to be routine) catches and putouts by our defense.  We walked away winners with 16-4 win and even prayed AFTER the game. 

THEN THE CHAMPIONSHIP.   We were facing a strong team whom had yet to beat in previous years, the Ravens.  The Bugs were motivated, had hot bats and confidence on defense.  Yet the guys knew we had not beaten this team and it would a tough game to win.  WOW, a nail biter!  The Bugs jumped out with a 2 run lead in the first.  Then the Ravens tied the game in the bottom of the first.  The Bugs came back with 1 run each in the top of the 2nd and 3rd innings, while keeping the Ravens scoreless with some more unbelievable diving catches in the outfield.  In the end the Bugs won 4-2 taking the first place trophies proudly. 

Smyrna Bugs are the Champions of the BPA Middle Tennessee NIT baseball tournament!

I have heard about the feeling of family that evolves in the “travel ball” world, but now i am seeing it first hand.  The unity and excitement of the team is also living in the parents, grandparents, relatives and friends.  We have come together to play baseball, but something more than that is developing.