In studying about Small Group Ministry I came across this list of ways to Coach Small Group Leaders of various personalities, abilities, and experience.  It also has ramifications for each of our lives.   To Coach a Small Group Leader and walk in their life as a mentor, guide, and a person who shares their joys and pains.  Consider which way they want you to relate to them.  Italics section is targeted to everyday life.

personal:  you talk often, have coffee often, and spend time sharing joys and hurts almost on a daily basis.  Those we are investing in for Christ, walking daily with them in an on-going relationship.  You will share often the stories and situations of life. 

priority: may be a new group leader, young in their experience of leadership.  These are the ones who stay on the top of your list to pray for, contact often, refer to resources and other SG Leaders who can mentor and guide.  Those God has put into your life who have urgent issues, addictions, or crisis in life.  God desires to use you in ministry in these relationships. 

phone:  they have it going on, they lead and communicate with you and others without much need for encouragement.  Their leadership can be discovered, guided and prayed for by an occasional phone call.  Those in your life that are growing, are connected, have direction for their walk with Christ.  All of us need the opportunity to have someone call and ask “how’s it going?”  “Tell me what God is doing in your life.” 

persistent:  the leaders who are aloof, adapt to things later or very hesitantly.  These relationships must be constantly managed so that the leader begins to understand the vision, the purpose and the necessity to communicate and share.  The people God has put in front of you who are not sure they want to hear from God, who are new Christ-followers, who are ‘on the edge.’  Share the love of Christ often with these people.  Be there for them by being persistent in your calls, cards, prayers and visits. 

Who do you have in each category?  What are some of your fears that you need to pray through?  Who can you/should you call today?