On March 16 we had a 3:16 Celebration time for Sunday School teachers and Small Group Leaders.  It was a time of sharing stories about their groups or classes from the last few weeks of 3:16.    Not only did Small Group Leaders and HOSTs get to meet each other, they learned that God is at work in several different areas in different ways. 

If you had been there you would have heard:“I have known these people all my life, but until the third week of 3:16 there was a lot I did not know.  We are now a close group that is working to share hurts and pains with each other.”  

And from another HOST, “We have seen how young couples are interested in connecting with God.  We combined our small groups because of the need to have enough couples for community and conversation.  Now we have a strong Small Group that are doing life together.”

A multi-generation 3:16 Group shared about the pre-3:16 thoughts and what God has done.  “We considered, actually asked Eddie for permission to, ending our small struggling group and combining with another group.  Eddie said to wait until after Group Link and see what happens.  We are now a multi-generational Small Group of 19 adults.  This has been the most fun we have had in years.” 

One HOST shared that an older man, who is not a Christ-follower had been participating in their 3:16 Group.  “At first, the man would not talk, would not share and did not seem happy to be there.  But after four weeks he opened up and shared that he is wanting to believe but not totally ready to become a Christ-follower yet.  We just love having this guy in our group.  He even challenges us on how we prepare our sessions. ”  The HOST asked us to not give up on people and to continue to pray for the lost in the 3:16 groups. 

I wished you could have been there!  It was inspiring.  What is your Small Group story?  What has God been up to in your group?