I know, it is EARLY in the year for baseball in TN.  Considering we had baseball practice on Thursday and snow on Saturday.  But we are in Tennessee.  HA

The Smyrna Bugs  (8 year old baseball team) are off and running with a tournament the 28th-29th of March.  The team chose to play only travel ball for 2008 due to the energy of us parents…… oops I mean the ability of the kids and their heavy desire to be so competitive. 

 With their winter conditioning nearing a close and focus on perfecting their hitting and fielding skills, the team is looking like champions already this spring.  There will be only 15 tournaments between now and August, but that should be enough to feed their competitive needs (and completely drain the parents of energy and gas money).

I do love the baseball opportunities God has given me.  To play, to coach and to work with families.  Smyrna Bugs have become a family in their own.  It is rewarding to work along side parents, siblings and kids who enjoy being around each other and have a common goal.   This is much like small group and the way life should be….enjoy this week of the Easter Holiday with some special friends and family.