FBC Smyrna is in the middle of the church-wide study 3:16 by Max Lucado.  Not only is 3:16 a study all of us need to hear, but it was chosen to be a Small Group Launch to try and connect more adults in Bible Study.  We made history last week by having the same amount of people in Bible Study as Worship.  More important are the stories that are coming out of 3:16.

This story comes from a failed attempt to start a group.  A single man offered a group for some friends and church acquaintances.    However, before the kick-off, his work scheduled changed and he had to drop out of offering the Small Group.  However, he continued to attend worship and complete his 3:16 daily work. 

On his “My Space” account he has a special video about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and 3:16 in several translations.  A lady who viewed the “My Space” mentioned how much she enjoyed reading about his 3:16 experiences and that she was going through 3:16 with her church.  As they conversed they discovered they each attend FBC Smyrna.  Turns out she has been attending FBC Smyrna for few years and he has been attending for a couple of years.  They now attend an on-campus group together to complete the 3:16 study.

What is your 3:16 story?