Some of us may have a little trouble discovering what we should do next.  However, from over 20 years in ministry, serving in various churches, and mainly from personal experience, most of us know exactly what our next step is.  The problem rests not in the lack of knowledge, but in ‘self.’ 

“Self, ego, fear of loss, giving up control” are all words that keep us from stepping out on faith in our spiritual journey of growing closer to Christ. 

Some helps in taking that next step on your journey: 

-meet regularly with a group of friends who can share in each others journey.

-review the five expectations of membership at FBC Smyrna for all disciples and choose one in which to take the next step: Worship     Small Group     Service      Invest       Tithe

Review this Spiritual Health Survey from GroupLife (click here see Health Survey in bottom right hand corner) and make decision to improve in one area over the next 6 months. The survey is available through FBC Smyrna.