As a Small Group leader with a great group of neighbors who share, serve, love, and believe in unity, we have begun to practice the survival process of SHARE THE LOAD.  Share the load has helped Small Groups of all sizes and DNAs.  It has been essential to the life of the leader and their families.  It is simple, but often overlooked.  It will increase participation of group members, share belonging with each of them and even have families discussing Small Group on a more consistent basis.  What is Share the Load?

The Small Group leader considers the gifts, passions, talents of each participant in the Small Group.  Consider the needs of a Small Group:  leading the Bible study; food; child-care; communication; attendance; celebrations for birthdays & anniversaries; apprenticing; service projects; and Global participation & support.

Now compare who has interest or passion in each of these.  Now call each member to discuss with them the area at which you think they would be great.  Help them understand the need and opportunity.  People want to belong.  They want to have opportunities that allow them to serve using their passions and gifts.  Don’t deny someone of the opportunity to be a part, serve God as they have been designed and share the load of your group.

You may not be a Small Group Leader or even in a Small Group.  This principle still works. 

We have put this into practice with our Smyrna Bugs Baseball Team as well.  Several passionate parents participate in what they love to do whether that be designing uniforms, running a part of practice, handling communication, setting up the practice facility or being “the water boy” (person).  When people have a responsibility, they feel a sense of belonging and ownership.  When this happens their dedication increases. But more importantly their pride of being a part of the team increases and the pursuit of perfection advances.