FBC Smyrna just completed a 3 day fast and Sacred Gathering.  We met nightly Sunday through Tuesday.  I know this may sound crazy to you…and until Sunday night about half way through the first night of Gathering, I did too.   Seriously, it did stretch me.  But the not eating, the praying, the calmness of office life, the lack of television for three days, really did help me focus on my life, my direction, my cause for doing what all I do at such a hurried pace!  It gave me a chance to QUIT!… EVERYTHING!  and just have conversation with God.  In this time I was challenged inside myself to seek my spiritual next step.    

You may have never participated in a spiritual fast.  You may have not taken or been given the time to be calm, to focus, to search for your next step in life.  The thought of not eating for a few days may be foreign to you.  I want to challenge you to take the time to experience what God has in store for you.  STOP!  QUIT! … Whatever rushes your life for a few days.   

Ask yourself  “What is my spiritual next step?”  If you are not sure, ask God.  He has been trying to share with you the plans and dreams He has for you.  (Jeremiah 29:11).  He loves you!  He has bigger plans than even your earthly father has for you. 

If you are a Small Group Leader, ask this question for your group.  What is your groups spiritual next step?  Without asking we never discover the answer.  Take some time this week, in preparation for the launch of the 3:16 study, and seek direction from God for your life and group.