Some of the best lessons a person learns are in the hard times of life or in those projects that require you to work along side someone else.  One of these lessons I have watched lived out in Small Group life is the “Common Enemy.”  Nothing unites a group like a common enemy or common project. We have seen groups struggle to stay together, with several excuses.  However, when offered service project or faced with an enemy (like cancer, divorce, troubled children, house fires, loss of job), the group gets a new burst of life and desire to attack this project or enemy together.Your group may be struggling for direction and unity.  Have you considered a project for your group?  Watch for opportunities to take on a project on the way to work today, or as you drop off your children at school, or as you sit in worship this week.  Look around, God is trying to show you a project.Currently we are assisting several schools with projects like landscaping, fund raising, assisting teachers.  We have groups who work along side the police department for social needs of families.  There are people serving in shelters, preparing meals for families, doing house repairs, teaching community classes, and assisting children with school work.All of these were projects discovered by Small Group members or leaders while watching and seeking God’s guidance for a project.  May He lead you to a service project that will not only help the recipients, but also unite your group.