As you think through your life and goals for 2008, I know weight, health, finances are among the top concerns or dreams.  But have you considered your spiritual next step?  What is God leading you to do in 2008? 

I bet it is not the same as 2007!  Jeremiah 29:11 informs us that God has a plan for our lives, plans we don’t even know about.  So how do we discover the joy and peace He has for us?  How do we know the next step on our journey? 

FBC Smyrna will be offering an opportunity to help you in your journey.  On Feb. 17 we will begin the 6 week Sermon Series and Small Group study 3:16 by Max Lucado.  Click here to find out more.   You may have never been in a Small Group (on-campus or off-campus) but this is the time to start.  It is a 6 week commitment to study John 3:16 along with others from FBC Smyrna and people from across America. 

If you could not answer the question:  “what is your next spiritual step?”  then signing up for a 3:16 Group (click here) might be it.  Why not give God 6 weeks and see what happens?   I challenge you to join some of your friends and other attenders to FBC Smyrna in the 3:16 study!!