What does an old man, who asks “what did he say?” more than he does “how are you?” Who sits more than he runs.  Who is lucky to have the job he has.  Who is blessed to have the family he has.  Who is lucky to have the friends he has.  Who is fortunate most people don’t always take what he says seriously!  What does he really want for his birthday? 

Can you say CANCUN????  🙂 

Well, not this year because we have other things to buy, pay for and see come to pass before we can celebrate.  We can only take such a trip with cash and once we have met our goals, then we can celebrate. 

GOALS?  What goals do you have for 2008?  Financial goals?  Spiritual goals?  Physical goals?  Family/Relational goals? 

Think for just a moment about your life, this year and the future. 

“IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS, YOU WILL MAKE DECISIONS THAT AFFECT MANY LIVES:  YOUR OWN, THOSE YOU LOVE, AND THOSE YET TO BE BORN WHO WILL FOLLOW IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS.  Ask God for wisdom and strength to make each choice in light of these lives.”   LifeWalk