We have all been there.  in life, in sports, in career, in relationships, we all move through this process.  When we are new to something, most (not all, there are those risky jumpers who take life by the horns and run. :-)) but most of us step slowly and move in a little deeper as time goes by….that is the subject for today>how to develop someone to take your place in ministry.  Saddleback includes this idea in their training series “Don’t Lead Alone”

We have put together a 3 minute video to help you understand how to implement the Crawl-Walk-Run<Check it out

I learned this apprenticing thing long long ago from a man named Peddidle Kelly.  Peddidle was my first manager when I was in retail.  He taught me things like:  lack of communication causes wars and always try to work yourself out of a job because one day you will want to move on and someone here needs to know what you know.   Little did I know that 30 years later my ministry position would live or die on his words, apprentice and communicate!!!!

Who are you apprenticing?  why not try these three simple steps over the next two or three months?