It was joy to receive the two letters.  THEN another co-worker came in my office with two more letters from different students.  THEN another co-worker came in with five more letters from different students.  THEN another staff member came in with four more letters from different students.  In the end we had 13 letters from this mini-school of 8th graders asking us to donate, large or small, to help them raise $120 to purchase a pig for a family in Africa. 

FBC Smyrna is known as a Global Missions church.  Each year we send many mission teams across America and around the world to share Christ and help with health and educational needs.  Africa is one of the countries we send a team to each year.  So, the letters had a bigger impact than the students realized.  A few staff got together and discussed how to help the students more than just sending a few dollars. 

We decided to share the opportunity with all of the Small Groups of FBC Smyrna.  This is an opportunity to support the students, to partner with a teacher and a school, to make a life-long impression on each life concerning the power of influence. 

The church’s evangelism strategy is Invest to Invite (I2I) where you build relationships with people who are far from God.  In that relationship you watch for the opportunity to share about Christ and share your story.  The persuasive letters we received reminded us of the power of influence.  So we jumped on the idea to spread the opportunity.  

For the last two weeks there has been a unique excitement around the office and in Small Groups about how much money we had raised so far for the Pig Letter.  Today I opened my mail and ANOTHER Pig Letter!  🙂  Our hallways have been a little more alive and filled with laughter as someone would yell out “another Pig Letter.” 

We collected over $800 for the Pig.   I am once again reminded about the verse from the Bible “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  (Acts 20:35).  This week I will deliver a check with a “Thank you for letting us partner with you“ letter to the teacher. 

Enjoy this giving season, but don’t let your giving end with the introduction of a new year.