One more blog about lunches, dreaming about who I would love to have lunch with… 

I would love to have lunch with Cal Ripken, Jr, Oprah, Donald Trump, Roger Clemens and Jeff Foxworthy. 

Why?  Cal Ripken, Jr  played in a record 2,632 straight games spanning sixteen seasons in Major League Baseball.  I love baseball and dedication and think I could learn a few pointers and talking points concerning commitment as well as baseball from Cal.

Oprah, well with all her influence, leadership and money there is no doubt that a few life lessons could be taken away from an hour with Oprah. 

Donald Trump, with all humbleness in the conversation a hope and desire would be to influence a little of his power, influence and money to change the world for millions of people.  And sure, I would learn some leadership lessons from him, both good and bad.  ha

Roger Clemens was a major influence in one of my best friends becoming a Christ-follower.  Roger also has national influence and strong leadership.  An hour with him could bring ideas, dreams and lessons to life in my search on how to influence people to become Christ-followers and the bigger picture.

Jeff Foxworthy:  who doesn’t like to laugh? And in my part of the world, who doesn’t quote him and laugh at their own family resemblances?  J

who would be at your dream lunch?