Last week I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of the leading Small Groups (SG)  pastors in the nation.  The conversation helped me design a plan to connect people to SG and to God.  The conversation also guided a customized plan development for training and equipping the SG division of our church. 

Another lunch happened yesterday with 14 other SG pastors from the Nashville area.  I discovered that a few well known leaders in SG ministry visit Nashville on a regular basis and we can connect with them when they are in town.  I learned that many churches are inquiring about SGs and starting SG and a few have a vast experience in what works and doesn’t work…and they work/live within 30 minutes of  my house. 

Lunches provide a time of conversation, learning and relationships.  Relationships that you can turn to when you struggle, when you are confused, when you want to celebrate, when you need to brainstorm, when you want to serve, etc. 

Who do you know in your profession that could walk with you along your career path in which God has placed you?