If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be and why?  Great question!  How long did it take you to think of a person?  How much longer did it take to come up with a legitimate reason to meet with them? 

This is a question I ask often of people around me.  You can learn so much by having lunch with someone. This has become a key way for me to learn over the last five years.  I try to have lunch with someone each week from whom I can learn and/or share ideas with.  Many of these people are very humble and wonder why in “the world I would have lunch with them or think “what does Eddie want now?”  ha ha

God has placed me in a ministry position of a growing church and this requires a spirit of continual teach-ability.  I have this drive and sense that God keeps telling me “You must sit with and ask the best!  Your position is too important to direct under your own thinking and plans.  You must continue to listen and learn.”

I realize the scriptures are true, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Ecc. 1:9.  But I have not learned it all yet, and never will.  But God has inspired me to learn from others and share with others.   Once a quarter I try to find someone who has been where I am, who may now be in a larger church (a veteran if you will) who can help me chart the future course, brainstorm and share ideas.  The result:  ministry at FBC Smyrna I different because of these lunches.  My life and family are different because of these lunches. 

Who is pouring into your life, ministry, job, and career?  Who are you learning from? 

Who are you pouring into?  Who are you teaching and sharing your stories with?