We had the last of 10 Neighborhood events this weekend.  There were “trick-or-treat” parties, cookouts, chili cook-offs, meals in homes, hayrides, and even a 40 yard dash contest.  I have to say that you are reading the blog of the person who is currently in second place for the 40 yard dash.  These parties have reached out to over 300 people in various communities.   Relationships were built.  Future plans were made for parties, cookouts and open houses.  Smiles and laughter were brought on by stories shared.    

As we evaluate each of these events, stories surface about previous communities where lack of neighborhood was experienced.  Questions about how we can improve the experiences, increase the participation and communication, and the next steps to take to grow closer.  At each event people walked away with a few deeper relationships that we are challenging to eat a meal together each month or plan events for the holidays. 

Don’t let the holidays go by without a chance to have a neighborhood event, enjoy a holiday treat with a neighbor or serve someone that needs some help in your area.