Have you ever had one of those days where everything just went to a deeper level.  You know one of those really focused days where everything you read, heard, typed just seem to take you to the next level of learning, discovering and recording.  Well, today has been one of those days.  Below, if you wanna know, are three categories that evolved out of a day of discovery:

REVEAL:  this is the new book that came out of the research that Willow Creek Church recently completed.  It discovered that church activity and spiritual growth do not go hand-in-hand.  Many of us participate in the activity of church but do not have the growing relationship with Christ that is every growing and active.  The thoughts, calls, discussions that came out of that read were exciting.  I am now working on the spiritual maturity process of my ministry and trying hard not to let it lead to another program or activity AT church.   I have even called in the Southeast Small Group Pastors Network for some open discussion on how we are to facilitate and enable people to grow deeper in Christ.

Re-Group:  the new Small Group Leaders training DVD set from Bill Donahue.  Bill has been the leader in SG training for many years.  This new resource shows groups that are unhealthily and how to enable them to be healthy.  It also gives you insight into three of the leading experts on Small Group life and ministry.  While they were sharing the ground rules, essentials and principles of SG life, I could not help but make notes on all the things I could be doing to help groups be healthier, more informed, and be cared for as leaders.  That list will have to wait until next week’s to-do list.Group Link:  The quarterly event at FBC Smyrna where people get connected to Small Groups.  The energy and passion that rose out of the learnings this morning led me to contact everyone that was unable to make it to Group Link last night.  I feel a great responsibility to connect people in groups that facilitate Discipleship, Community and Service. 

Scripts:  one of the ways we want to care for, support and “train” Small Group leaders and staff is through a monthly email video.  The plan is to video tape a 2-3 minute lesson for leaders to watch and gain encouragement and insight into leading a group and/or dealing with issues.  Today I have come up with 26 issues that we need to be talking about.  I also documented 6 ways we can communicate this.

It has been a productive day.  Too bad I don’t have more of these. 

If you had a “day of discovery” in your career, hobby, marriage, as a parent, what would you read or watch?  You have to have the material before you can read it.  Come up with two or three resources you want to dig deeper into and take some time out to do it.