As I mentioned last week, FBC Smyrna has/had several neighborhood events planned and led by passionate Small Group participants or SG leaders. Here is one report:  There were about 20 of us and it went better than we expected. For most this was a first exchange of names and information, until then they had mostly just seen each other come and go.  We exchanged information about where we worked, kids, etc. and found that one young couple had visited our church in the past. One neighbor recently lost her son and we supported them with visits and food. Most of our neighbors are un-churched.  We will probably have something again at Christmas time, and hopefully get to know them better soon.  

To know the fear with which this couple decided to host this cookout helps understand the “better than expected” statement.  They did not know most of their neighbors, nor did the neighbors know each other.  To have a gathering like this was a step out of their comfort zone.  But at the end you see that getting to know your neighbors is not that bad and another event has already been discussed. 

Another report shared:  we had a chili cook-off at the commons area.  We just put a flyer on everyone’s door asking them to call if they planned on competing in the chili cook-off on Saturday night.  (The Saturday night that UK beat LSU).  There were 15 pots of chili, some hot some sweat, and one designed by four teenagers that said VERY HOT!  We had judges and awarded prizes, and even rented an inflatable for the kids.  People stayed later than we thought and had to walk home in the dark.  We are now planning a Thanksgiving re-gift event to help the local shelters.  

 I think most of your neighbors would love to come to a cookout, drink hot chocolate on your front lawn or even attend a dessert open house for Christmas.  Ever thought about hosting one of these?