You probably thought this would be a report on the Neighborhood parties from the weekend.  Well, you will have to wait until Wednesday.  sorry…What really matters in life?  Rick Rusaw of LifeBridge Church in Coloradoled the annual training event at FBC Smyrna.  He challenged us to make the most of our time.  But what does that mean?  In his book Living a Life on Loan Rick asks” Is too much of your life spent on your pursuit of the stuff that will satisfy?  We are preoccupied with MORE.  Our consumer mentality invites a constant dissatisfaction with what we have and we search for something bigger or better.  Consumer culture also tells us that, along with our preoccupation with more stuff, we need more activity.”  Okay, this hits me straight on.  I am always thinking, dreaming, searching for the next, the bigger, the better and cannot say “no” to most things, especially if they look like fun.  It is okay to dream.  We really need to look forward to and hope for the future.  But Dr. Lester Ford, a civil engineer, a minister and former college president is quoted in Rusaw’s book as saying:  “With all those dreams, don’t forget to be of value where you are.  Don’t worry about being of value where you aren’t.”  WOW, that is what I need to be reminded of constantly.  Slow down, look around, open my eyes to the fact that my story is part of a much bigger story that God is writing.  Don’t miss what is happening around me because of all the “projects” I have happening in my life.  View others in terms of their strengths, not their weaknesses, try to learn their story and notice how it is being woven by God.  Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you, plans you have no clue about,  plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.  (italics added from my life experiences.)Let God write your story.  Be of value where you are!