“Our Small Group is all about the parties” is a statement I hear coming from a discouraged Bible Study leader.   Week after week they plan their studies and try to lead a fairly in-depth study with their group.  But most of the time few people show up or when they do show up they want to hang around the food and talk. Here are a couple of ways to help this leader not feel too discouraged and yet help the group value the meeting:

1. Share the Load:  Steve Gladden of Saddleback Church has a CD set on this vary issue called “Don’t Lead Alone.”  By letting people serve in their passion you are giving them responsibility in an area the love to serve.  With that responsibility comes ownership where they will want to make the meeting a success.   Some of the areas to share include:  child-care, food, location, socials/parties, study choices, apprenticing/leading. 

2. Pray for the group by name, daily:  I would have listed this one first, but you may not have read the second one. ha ha  There are a lot of reasons why people may not attend a group meeting or constantly be late for the meetings.  It is leader-nature to evaluate and blame yourself for these.  However, you never know what baggage, what issues, what fears someone has.  Be patient and let God open the door for discussion and help you discern the next step in your relationship.    

I hope this helps you in your Small Group Leadership.