This morning at breakfast I was hit with “Dad, I need $25 for school.”  To which my thoughts ran two ways:  1. back several years to when I was in school, $25 was about two years worth of books.  And  2.  Why do you tell me the “morning of” that you need that much money? 

Surely a letter, a call from the teacher, an email, a visit from the principle should have happened to let parents know about this!!!  That is a lot of money!  Being the strong, involved parent that I am, I decided to storm right in that school office and find out what is going on!!!!  As we drove to school (with the $25 check in my pocket J) I began to recall our CONNEXUS conference with Rick Rusaw from this past weekend.  Rusaw said “notice what opportunities God puts before you.”  Schools, businesses, parks, hospitals, are all around you that may offer you a chance “to be the presence of Jesus” to others. 

As I ‘stormed’ across the parking lot, my “storm” became less and less and my “compassion” became more and more.  By the time someone in the office was available to speak with me, I was totally a new person.   No longer was I mad about having to pay $25, but was concerned about all the kids who could not pay the $25 and what would happen to them.  The conversation turned to the previous years and the several kids who did not pay the fundraiser dollars. 

As I left the office (after paying my $25) I knew that our Small Group will be discussing this weekend the opportunity that is “in our laps.”  Here is a chance to help other families, the chance to be the “presence of Jesus” to others; the opportunity to share the load of life for others. 

Don’t let situations like these control you and hide the compassion, the concern, the love that is from Christ in you!  Notice, watch, being searching for “opportunities to be the presence of Jesus.”