When the Smyrna Bugs (7 yr old travel baseball team) take the field they say to themselves “this is MY field, I own this field.  No ball will get by me today.”  It is a way to give them confidence, ownership, responsibility and focus. 

I have caught myself saying something very similar when I drive into my subdivision.  “I own this subdivision.  God has placed ME here to make a difference in peoples’ lives by sharing His love and compassion to everyone.  It is MY responsibility to view every neighbor as a child of God for whom Jesus died.  It is MY responsibility to be a positive influence and show care to others on MY street.” 

This generation has defined a “good neighbor” as someone who comes home at a decent hour, closes the garage door immediately, mows their yard on time and leaves the rest of us alone.   I refuse to let this be my definition of a good neighbor!  My thinking for my subdivision may be a little over the top for some, but it helps me notice those around me.   This helps me to NOT just pull in my garage and close the door and stay in my house.  It is a mindset for Neighborhood.  It is a “heart thing” that reminds me I can make a difference in others lives just by being a friendly neighbor.  I might be able to help people smile, wave, laugh, and share concerns.  What they see as a friendly neighbor is in fact a person who God is using to draw them to Him.

What about your neighborhood?  Do you “take the field” and feel that responsibility when you drive into your subdivision, apartment complex, or town home?  What coud your church do to help you be more focused on your subdivision?