I know I have talked about this before, but once again the idea of Neighborhood ministry has come to the forefront of my life.  I recently met with four other Small Group Pastors from across the country who are trying to connect people whom God is sending to their church.  The problem is at church we do not have that much time or a way to find out who we have things in common with.  So, what about meeting up with your neighbors? 

Well, the five churches talked about asking more info of a visitor than just church membership stuff.  What if we asked them their interests/hobbies and where they lived.  As we discover where they live we could pair them up with members of the church.  What about a barbeque or block party where the members invite the visitors (neighbors) and begin the relationship at the barbeque?It has worked in my life and some of the other SG Pastors lives. 

While at the meeting, a storm was developing back home.  One of the pastors received four text messages from neighbors (fellow SG members now) checking to see if they were okay or needed anything done at their home.  Now, my parents would find this normal.  But if you are in a mobile community like mine, any collection of 10 homes will represent at least 10 states if not 7 states and 3 different countries, receiving calls from neighbors is highly unusual. 

I hope you get to know your neighbors.  I pray that you get out of the house, walk the street, meet some people and have a cookout together.  Oh, there is one more thing, ask your pastor if anyone from your area of town has been visiting the church so you can invite them to a cookout.  It may be your next step of faith.  ???