Well, Sunday we had an exciting day of baptisms.  Five people in the first hour and 17 in the second hour celebrated the beginning of their lives as Christ-followers with baptism.  See at www.fbcsmyrna.org/baptism.    Just  in case you are wondering about baptism, it is defined on this same website.  

These people are experiencing the love and forgiveness of God and seeing their lives change as they put Jesus Christ first.  Their deciesion did not just happen one day.  For many of the ones I had the opportunity to talk with, it was a friend who had “been there through some hard times” or had shared with them the love of Christ.  We at FBC Smyrna call this investing.   Spending time listening, being a friend, and sharing with others around us what it means to be a Christ-follower.  God uses this investment to make people think, be introspective, and move toward allowing Him to transition their lives. 

Go Time Bible Study books are still available for FREE at the Crosswalk.  You can share these with friends and family in whom you are investing.  The daily devotionals help you communicate the Good News with others.