We all need a time to relax and sit by the pool.  Baseball practice yesterday was canceled and gave me the opportunity to do just that.  I sat with my neighbor and talked about work, kids, dogs, wives and church.  We laughed and shared stories.The conversation turned to our aging relatives and what happens when the end is near.  AS we sat and talked, the opportunity came to ask him about his eternity.  He shared about getting baptized as a kid and his relationship with Jesus Christ.  How relaxing to sit by the pool, talk with my neighbor and go to bed knowing that his eternity is secure.  What about yours? I know you are probably asking, “How do you have time to sit by the pool?”  Well, pray for practice to be canceled, put-off some of those “honey-do” jobs, don’t sit in front of the TV, don’t turn on Play Station, and just walk across the street.  I challenge you to try it and comment on this blog after you have taken the time to “sit by the pool.”