Taking the challenge of some fellow ministers, we www.fbcsmyrna.org are offering a focus on baptism at our church this Sunday.  Usually we have the person getting baptized tell a brief overview of their story on video that shows in the auditorium right before they are baptized.  While it is a great way to share with many people and let God use your story to draw others to Himself, this video stuff has also made some folks nervous.  So we decided to announce a baptism day that does not require a video. 

We gathered the names of those who had mentioned this in the past and called them.  Here is the  “Exciting Week” part:  I was part of the calling team and had the opportunity to talk to many people about their salvation experience and encourage them to take their next step in that faith walk.  WOW, it was fun.  People love to share about what God is doing in their lives and at FBC Smyrna God is doing a lot of that!!!!

I will get to see over 20 people baptized on Sunday and have had the chance to hear their faith story first hand.  If you ever get to feeling down about your faith walk, talk to someone.  Ask others about their walk with God, it is encouraging!!! 

If you want to feel the joy of being a Christ-follower, talk about what God is doing in your life.  It will encourage you.