Well, after another tragic loss of not coming in first with Bugs Baseball, we headed to the beach.   I spent two days reading Bob Buford’s book, Half-Time.  For a short explanation it is a man’s mid-life crisis book.  The subject is moving from success to significance in your life.  The first half of life is all about getting and gaining.  The second half should be about sharing and leaving….leaving a legacy.  The two halves are separated by half-time.  Half-time is where you review where you have been, look at what you have done and get ready to move on.  You can’t change the first half, but you can adjust in half-time to make the second half more meaningful.  I highly recommend it to anyone who gets in that funk of mid-life crisis or has found new energy toward making a difference with your life.    It reminded me of the other life-directing book I have read:  The Success Journey, by John Maxwell.  I read it back in ’99 when we had our second child.  I wish I had read it when we were first married.  It is about your entire life’s journey, where are you going, who is going with you, what do you pack, what do you NOT pack, etc.  In my copy I have dream pages that I have written over the years (’94 , ’99, ’06, ’07).  I often refer to these pages and the notes that I made as I was reading it.  I highly recommend this book for anyone newly married or about to graduate from college.