Small Group ministry has three objectives at FBC Smyrna, Discipleship-Community-Service.  Because I have been writing about relationships so much lately, I thought I would give you an example of where relationships happen.  Community is between Discipleship (growing to be more like Christ next week/year than I was last week/year) and Service (helping those around me or around the world) because both of these happen out of relationship…community. 

On August 19 we have a Group Link which is a two-hour event where you will connect with others and form a Small Group.  GroupLink meets quarterly throughout the year.  Group Link is where those at FBC Smyrna or in our communities who are looking to develop relationships and grow in these three objectives can come together.  I invite you to check out the website and consider registering for this first step in building relationships. 

 (Later this week I will answer some of your questions about Small Groups and relationships therein.)