Why are we so quick to complain, even loudly sometimes, yet have a hard time saying the words “Thank You”?  

 Recently I went through a couple of change processes with people in two very different situations.  Both had tense moments where complaints were launched at me and others.  Once the situations were resolved you would think a “thank you” would have been equally voiced.  However, nothing.  Not a word.  Not an email, letter, phone call, or drop by to speak ever happened. 

To continue my blog theme of “relationships”, I want to challenge you to say “Thank You” today!  Even when you don’t think it is necessary or even fitting, SAY IT!  I conclude most of my emails with the words “Thank you” or “Thank you for your work.”  I serve in an organization that is mostly volunteer and I live in a neighborhood where most of the maintenance and upkeep is volunteer.  Both are very deserving opportunities to say “Thank You” to people.  Last week I received an email telling me they had noticed that I say “Thank you” often and it was appreciated, even at the bottom of an email. 

Even if you are not as wrapped up in volunteers as I am, it would behoove you (as my PE coach used to say) to still use the words “Thank You.”!   Every time you are ready to complain, try the words “thank you” somewhere in the paragraph.  You will be surprised how this could help you in building relationships.