“Relationships” is a new word to me.  Well, not really.  It has been around a long time and in my vocabulary for many years.  However, it has recently taken on new meaning.  When the washer quits, it is about relationships.  When you don’t play ball as good as you used to, it is about relationships.  When it is so hot outside that you can’t breath, it is about relationships.  When you have a bad neighbor, it is about relationships.  When you get to celebrate something, it is about relationships.

You see, my Grandmother told my Dad many years ago, to have good neighbors-you have to be a good neighbor.  I began to live this out about 4 years ago when we moved to a new neighborhood.  In roughly 2-3 years I began to see how true my Grandmother’s statement was.  Neighbors who had not known each other or some who would not even speak to each other began to ‘party’ at our house and build relationships. 

Now in a new neighborhood, my family has made the effort to walk, talk (easy for me :-), and get together with our neighbors.  Now we have relationships with many families in our subdivision, help each other out, fix washers, laugh about the good ole baseball days, swim when it is hot, serve those not-so-nice neighbors together, and even celebrate events such as babies, baptisms, and birthdays together.  What effort have you made to build good relationships with your neighbors? 

How does God want to reach your neighbors through your time, exercise, cookouts, swim parties, celebrations, serving each other, sharing your tools or celebrating special occasions together?  Make building relationships with those around you a priority.  Relationships are the only things that last!!!