Okay, this is getting old.  Our baseball team, Smyrna Bugs 7 and under, came in second for the third tournament in a row.  We are getting tire of this second placed stuff.  We even thought about just leaving the trophy on the field.   I know that out of 16 teams in the tournament, 2nd ain’t bad.  But this is the Bugs, #1 in the state in 2006.  If Oregon State can have a repeat season, why not the Bugs? We enter the tournament knowing that two rivalries were present.  We landed second behind each of them in the previous tournaments.  So, needless to say we were stressed.  Going in to game number 5 (of 6 games) we faced a tough component out of Brentwood.  I was told that morning we would have our hands full with them.  And we did, they were a strong hitting team!  However, thanks to a rock-solid defensive, we were victorious. 

Then came the number one team from Franklin, the Ravens.  We had our usual warm-ups and team prayer.  The Ravens came out looking professional and played defense equally as well.  At the end of one inning the score was 1-1.  Over the next 90 minutes it was a battle for the lead.  The game ended 14-12 and the Ravens once again defeated the Bugs in a tournament championship game. 

All of this prompts me to ask:  “Is this world too competitive or what?”  We get beat by a great team.  We come in second out of 16 teams.  Yet, we walk away anxious for the next opportunity to go for #1.