One of the concerns about Small Groups is curriculum.  Who decides what groups study.  At FBC Smyrna three – four times a year we will come together and every group/class will study the same subject that our worship series.  This is one of the outcomes discovered during Purpose Driven Life back in 2003.  These preaching-teaching sessions are called Fusion.   We have experienced much unity develop and church-wide spiritual development through Fusion Studies.

Then there are the other months that Small Group leaders must look for studies.  We have put together a Small Group Curriculum Guide that has suggested resources related to the church’s FIVE EXPECTATIONS.  Most Groups spend time in The Crosswalk Bookstore at FBC reviewing the options.  SOme will take the Curriculum Guide brochure to the next group meeting and discuss what subject/study would fit the group.  We encourage the leaders to review the five expectations and pray for discernement as to which  expectation the group is lacking. 

This Guide is not complete or perfect, but it has given some on-going direction to the tough job of choosing a study for your group.

Check out the Curriculum Guide at The Crosswalk Bookstore on the campus of FBC Smyrna.

My job at FBC Smyrna is to help connect people from the worship services and community to Small Groups throughout our area.  God is sending many people to FBC and the Small Group leaders are reaching out to neighbors and friends and adding even more to the Small Group ministry.