Sunday, I had the opportunity to baptize my youngest son, Gresham (click here to see video.)  He invited his baseball team, neighbors and of course family to the worship service to stand with him in this special occasion.  We had a barbeque at our house after the service with even more family and friends attending.  It was a day of celebration.   

I know this opportunity was over in a short moment, but the days leading up to this and the security of the days ahead will be unmatched.  I have now had the opportunity to see both of my sons become Christ-followers and baptize each of them.  There will be great days ahead Iam sure, but none of them will match the sense of completion in my life to which these two have done. 

Thank you family, friends, Smyrna Bugs Baseball team/parents and supports for celebrating with us.  I hope and pray for each of you that you get to experience the joy, the security, the direction in life that comes from being a Christ-follower.