Every year an opportunity to get to know our neighbors is handed to us. For many years, I missed it. It is called the 4th of July Fireworks shows. I seldom attended fireworks shows as a kid, or even as a father. I was sure I or one of my boys would get hurt or have to sit around some “unruly adults who used language we were not supposed to use and would drink bad stuff.” Over the last few years God has given me a different view of this annual event. Not only is it a chance to celebrate America and the freedom I have every day, but it is a chance to get to know people, to laugh, to “oooh and aaah” at the beautiful colors of fireworks. Two years ago our subdivision had three fireworks shows of its own. Three families had spent a lot of money on their own fireworks show and had a cookout for their friends. Last year, we got together and asked the three families to combine their shows and the entire subdivision had a cookout and fireworks show in the commons area. I met about 50 people that lived near me whom I had never met. We had a great time and even developed an Annual Golf Scramble right there during the cookout. This year, FBC Smyrna is encouraging you to put some thought into a day that is on everyone’s calendar, July 4th. Can you remember the homes near you that had the biggest fireworks shows last year? What about asking them to combine their money and throw one fireworks show in your neighborhood? Maybe you can get some other families to oversee a cookout, Frisbee or flag football. If your neighborhood cannot come together for something like this on July 4th, we encourage you to come as a group to the Smyrna Fireworks show on June 30 at 9:00pm at Lee Victory Recreation Park. Food and Games begin around 4:00pm. Don’t let another great opportunity to build community and get to know your neighbors pass you by. Get out your calendar, call some neighbors, and plan a little fun for the Fourth of July.