That is what we do in Small Groups! 

Discipleship is growing to be more like Jesus today than we were a year ago.  Discipleship is Bible Study a minimum of two times per month where we learn about the Bible, the instructions, the experiences and the love of God toward His creation.  Discipleship is  apprenticing.  Teaching and sharing about what you know to someone else so, that one day they can do what you are doing. 

Community is fellowship, is belonging, is doing life together.  Community is loving and being loved, knowing and being known, caring and being cared for.   Community is where you can be held accountability to be more like Jesus. 

Service is giving out of what you have been given in order to help others.  Service in areas of the community, to each other and globally.  “Nothing unites a group like a common enemy or a common project,” David Johnston.  Finding a need and meeting it as an individual or group is one way to carry out the service objective of Small Groups. 

FBC Smyrna Small Groups has these three objectives in order to see the marks of a Disciple of Christ become a reality in every.  The marks of a disciple we look for are Worshipping God, active in a Small Group, Serving, investing in the unchurched and actively tithing.  Not that we are perfect or at 100%on any of these, but we are striving to constantly become active or improve on each of these.