Last night I had too many options from which to choose. 

Kyle Goen kicked off the premiere of THE CORE, Fundamentals of our Faith in worship at 6:30pm.  Every Wednesday night during the summer Kyle will be speaking on topics like God, Jesus, the Bible, Holy Spirit, Church and Salvation.  You will want to get the pod cast for this because this series will influence your Worldview and know God better.  We also plan to produce this series in other languages to share with our missionaries.   I did not want to miss this first night and the articulate way in which Kyle presents the message of Jesus Christ.

Then there was the Smyrna Bugs Baseball practice which my younger son, Gresham, plays for and I am assistant coach.  There are few things that I love to do more than play and coach baseball.  The Smyrna Bugs won the Tennessee State Championship for 6 and under Coach Pitch in 2006.  I did not want to miss a single minute of coaching with the championship team. 

My oldest son, Graham, had an evening with at the Skate Center with all the other 7th grades of FBC Smyrna.  Graham always like to see Dad fall and try to keep from breaking something, so he invited me to go with him.

Our Student ministry brought in the USA Breakdancers from New York City (the Bronx) for our quarterly FUEL event.  This is the event where high schoolers can invite all their friends to a fun, wild, entertaining night yet still here the Gospel shared.  I could not miss the guys from NYC.  I kept thinking they may have been the ones I saw in the Subway back in April. 

And I am sure you know that John Smoltz and Greg Maddox were facing each other on the mound last night as the Atlanta Braves took on the San Diego Padres.  How could a real baseball fan and an even more Braves fan not watch this game. 

Well, if you know me, you know I could do them all!  And I did not even have to drink a Red Bull.  🙂  I coached up to the last minute before worship began.  A quick run through the Multi-Purpose Center gave me the chance to see the breakdancers in action and a hundred high schoolers laughing and cheering them on.  I would like to have tried several of their moves, but our administrator said he would not pay the co-pay for the ambulance ride.  

It was to the auditorium to hear Kyle’s premier of The Core, Fundamentals of our Faith.  Then I had to get to a TV for the Smoltz and Maddox match-up.  Graham and his friends missed out on seeing me fall and hurt something, but he was cool with it since we got to see the last two innings of the Braves game together without anyone complaining about the bruises.  

So,  how was your Wednesday night?  If it was not this exciting be glad.  But if you just ate supper and sat on the couch, too bad.  You need to check out a Wednesday night at FBC Smyrna.  Most of them come with this kind of excitement!!!