Recently I lead a consultation and leadership training event for a church that had been experiencing some decline in attendance.  After speaking on Friday night and Saturday morning, we had a Q&A.  One gentleman raised his hand and stated ‘Eddie, your church must be really reaching people and sounds like it is growing.  But much of what you talk about is befriending and reaching out to the lost.  My question is “what about those of us who are here?”  We need something.”

It was a shock to hear that statement targeted at me.  I don’t know of time when I could actually lay down at night and say, ‘Boy, today I was evangelistic.”   Most of the time I lay down and begin to think about all the people I came in contact with and wonder, did I say the right things, did I listen to them as they needed me to, or was my day productive for the purpose of which I have been placed on earth?

FBC Smyrna is a really great church.  It is casual in dress, loving in spirit, open in forgiveness and dedicated to seeing people connect to God through Worship, connect to others through Small Groups and connect to the world through Service.  FBC Smyrna is located in Rutherford County which is ranked #12 in the nation of fastest growing countys.  That just says to me that we must always be investing in others, sharing with others and trying to point others to the love of Christ.  Because eternity is for certain, where we spend it is optional. 

Hey, thanks for the compliment, but I just consider myself a struggling Christ-follower trying to following the challenge God has offered to me.