A few years ago I had the opportunity to start a new Sunday School class.  A friend of mine, Travis, noticed that there was not a group for young couples (nearly-newly marrieds) so he talked me into helping him start one.  We asked for a room at our church, received the material, set up the room and were ready for the masses to attend. 

The first week Travis and I had a good conversation, which no one else showed up to hear.  (attendance=2).  The next week we were the proud leaders of a class that doubled in one week (Josh Hunt would be proud).  Each of us had successfully talked our wives into attending.  (attendance=4).  As usual, we dropped 25% on the third week when one of our wives got sick and could not attend.  (attendance=3).   Each of these weeks our pastor, Dr. Virgil Grant, and Min. of Education, Jonathan Tussey, walked by and laughed (‘brothers in Christ 🙂 at our low attendane.

 Finally Virgil offered some help in growing our class.  Someone had offered him Sky-Box tickets to a Saturday night game at the Lexington Legends Baseball game.  Virgil gave us 22 tickets to give away in order to try and help us gather a crowd.  Travis and I spent the next two weeks inviting and giving away tickets. 

We filled the Sky-Box with young couples and had a wonderful night.  I laughed as I talked to each couple and shared the charge for the evening, they would have to attend Sunday School class the next morning.   It was such a fun, relationship building evening that 14 of the 20 showed up for class. 

Over the next twelve months the class grew to an average attendance of 32, with over 75 at the socials when you include the children.  (yea, when God starts something exciting age/marriage limits go out the window).   

As I shared this story across the country while traveling with LifeWay Church Resources, a man in Houston said he could make that happen with his church at the Houston Astros game.  You never know how God will use your story to change a class, church, city. 

What do you have to offer to a couple of struggling Bible Study leaders?