Last year FBC Smyrna conducted a few pilot-groups for the church-wide Easter Egg Hunt.  We moved the hunts  into neighborhoods where relationships could be built and more families participate.  The pilot groups were a success so we multiplied the efforts into many more neighborhoods this year.  Over the last week, all across our area,  FBC Smyrna families have led Easter Egg Hunts in their subdivisions.  Here is one Neighborhood story that you don’t want to miss, Adelaide Park.

The lesson we learned from Neighborhood Egg Hunts compared to the massive Church-site Egg Hunt is relationships.   While the Church-site egg hunts may draw a crowd, very few leave knowing others names.  The experience of children and families coming together who already have something in common, neighborhood, has increased the on-going participation in other neighborhood events. 

Some of these groups registered their Easter Egg Hunts on our website so we could hear their stories.  Check out the story at Eggcellent Community.  Our goal:  to see families build relationships with their neighbors to build better communities and friendships that point to Jesus Christ. 

This groups slide show may give you some ideas for next year. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in your neighborhood.  God has placed you where you are for His purpose.  Consider hosting a Neighborhood yard sale, cookout, July 4th fireworks show, pool party, or just a walk time for some neighbors.