My family and I traveled to Florida for Spring Break to see a couple of Spring Training games, the Braves of course.  It was a relaxing trip, other than the drive (I hate driving!).  At the Phillies and Braves game, a couple of Hall of Fame-ers were signing autographs.  I had to explain who one of them was and then call in my Dad to explain who the the other was.  Ferdie Jenkins and Rob LeFore.  Lefore played with Detroit Tigers, where I saw a game in the 1968 World Series.  But Ferdie had to be explained via phone from Dad.  My two sons were able to get their pictures made, have conversation and get autographs.  Both of these guys were extremely nice and spent extra time with the boys.  They will never know the impression they had on my family. 

On the drive back to the hotel I began to think about two old guys and their time for others.  Do I take notice of opportunities to see, I mean really see, people around me?  Could I focus even more on the people that are around me or I bump into, rather than the goals, jobs, projects I am working on? 

Do you ever think about this kind of stuff??? or am I just recovering from a great, relaxing, pondering vacation?  How would your day be different if you walk away from reading this and noticed people and encouraged, listened, laughed with them?