Have you ever lived  out a statement or belief, told others about it and then read it in print from some great author?  Well, it happened to us, the leadership of Small Groups at FBC Smyrna, TN.  I subscribe to Josh Hunts e-newsletters and am always encouraged and enlightened with some new practical steps in group ministry.   I had to laugh, but was a bit frustrated that we had not put these in print already since our leadership team refers to most of these on a monthly basis. 

Here are the “Twelve ways to create community in your group” by Josh Hunt

Vision cast:  share yours.  Arrange the chairs in circles.  Ask good questions.  Begin with get-to-know-you time.  End with prayer requests.  Be vulnerable, open up and be honest so others will.  Party once a month, too many miss once a quarter parties.  Conduct mission projects, nothing units a group more than a common project or common enemy.  Open your home to others in your group.  Tell your story and ask people about their family.   Be there for each other, whether sad times or celebrations.   Eat together often. 

Hope these help your group!