Lisa, my wife, loves roller coasters.  I HATE roller coasters.  When I was a youth minister the annual trip to Kings Island was a requirement to keep you job (well, maybe that is a little strong, NOT).  So each year we would load up the bus with a bunch of loud teens and head to KI.  But before we loaded the bus, Lisa would pick out one of the youth to ride the coasters and I would enlist me a Senior Adult to watch the eat and watch the shows with me.  This was a great plan, except the year I enlisted a lady to go who was 68 who failed to tell me she loved roller coasters.  Luckily on the first coaster she lost an ear ring and we spent most of the day looking for it.  Whew…

Anyway, when I moved into Adult Ministry I thought the KI days were over.  Then came Graham, my oldest son who has to ride EVERY coaster at least once during the day.  He and Lisa ride and yes, I eat and watch the shows.  Then came Gresham, my 7 yr old.  He hated the coasters as much as I did, UNTIL this year.  While on spring break we went to Busch Gardens where Gresham informs me that this year he is ready to ride.  You got it, back to the train and eating and watching shows by myself.  Sure glad it was only one day!

It is tough when you get old and your kids grow up. 

The week did have it’s high point, attending two Atlanta Braves spring training games.